Comedy ACT has a broad network of local and national comedians.

If you’re in the hunt for a comedian at your next function simply Contact Us via our online contact form and we’d be happy to arrange a suitable comedian for you. Alternately, feel welcome to drop them a line directly on their contact details below.

Founding comedians of this site who are still active performers:

Daniel Connell (based in Melbourne)

Tom Gibson

Emo Parsonson

The Stevenson Experience (based in Sydney)

Hamish Hudson

Some other local comedians you might catch at gigs (alphabetical by surname, by no means an exhaustive list):

Kelsey Bullis

Laura Campbell

Phil Carruthers

Ross Cavanagh

Jeffrey Charles

Taylor Coughtrie

Benny Eggmolesse

Cy Fahey

Grant Follett

Josh Glass

David Graham

Craig Harvey

Trish Hurley

Jacob Keed

Tanya Losanno

Bill Makin

Jez Margosis

Chris Marlton

Felix McCarthy

Hamish McLean

James McMahon

Frances McNair

Sarah Pam

Jacqui Richards

Joey Richards

Chris Ryan

Nick Schuller

Nicole Seifert

Liv Sparrow

Nick Smith

Sue Stanic

Sarah Stewart

Harris Stuckey

Anthony Tomic

Maddy Weeks