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Canberra Comedians

Comedy ACT has access to a broad network of local and national comedians.

If you’re in the hunt for a comedian at your next function simply Contact Us via our online contact form and we’d be happy to arrange a suitable comedian for you. Alternately, feel welcome to drop them a line directly on their contact details below.

Founding comedians of this site who are still active performers:

Some other local comedians you might catch at gigs

Alphabetical by surname, by no means an exhaustive list

  • Kelsey Bullis
  • Laura Campbell
  • Phil Carruthers
  • Ross Cavanagh
  • Jeffrey Charles
  • Taylor Coughtrie
  • Benny Eggmolesse
  • Cy Fahey
  • Grant Follett
  • Josh Glass
  • David Graham
  • Craig Harvey
  • Trish Hurley
  • Jacob Keed
  • Tanya Losanno
  • Bill Makin
  • Jez Margosis
  • Chris Marlton
  • Felix McCarthy
  • Hamish McLean
  • James McMahon
  • Frances McNair
  • Sarah Pam
  • Jacqui Richards
  • Joey Richards
  • Chris Ryan
  • Nick Schuller
  • Nicole Seifert
  • Liv Sparrow
  • Nick Smith
  • Sue Stanic
  • Sarah Stewart
  • Harris Stuckey
  • Anthony Tomic
  • Maddy Weeks