Canberra Comedy Festival 19 to 23 March 2013

Welcome to the first edition of the Canberra Comedy Festival’s The Festival Stuff.  With the aim of being the most sought after spam in the capital, The Festival Stuff will be e-mailed fortnightly.  Sign up with your friends at the Canberra Comedy Festival website to get the latest news, introductions to the comedians and chances to win tickets to the first ever Canberra Comedy Festival.

“The first ever, is that true?” someone probably just asked.

Well, in response, we can put our hands on our hearts and say we found nothing to suggest otherwise in Wikipedia or the Bible.  But after the Festival, we’ll be excited to update both.

Canberra deserves a comedy festival because we are awesome and when we show them we can do this, we can host the Olympics.  All of them.  We think it is possible, the enthusiasm already shown for the comedy festival is fantastic.  The Gala on the opening night has already sold out and people are launching themselves at the website to get tickets for the other shows.

It is not surprising to see the Canberra Comedy Festival being embraced.  The local comedy market has been growing rapidly with comedy troupe’s like Comedy ACT hosting sell out nights across the city.

The partners on board also know the timing is right and want to help make the Festival a great success.  We are fortunate to be supported by the ACT Government, and our gold and silver partners are recognised below.

Without the support of local businesses we would be forced to host the Canberra Comedy Festival offshore.  Probably Vietnam or China.  You can keep the Canberra Comedy Festival in Canberra by buying a ticket to one, two, three, four or more of the 25 funniest shows you will see in any one place.

Enjoy the rest of the newsletter and then get on to the website and book.

Share a laugh with you at the Festival.

Canberra Comedy Festival.

Opening Gala - Sold Out!

The Gala on the opening night of the festival is sold out!  Superstars like UK based comedian Steve Hughes are part of the Gala as well as emerging superstars like Ronny Chieng and Matt Okine.  A taste of goodies from across the festival promises to get the town talking.

Why are we telling you this if the Gala is sold out?  Because there is one last chance to be a part of the hilarity.  Our official sponsors, the Canberra Centre, have two double passes to give away.  They also have tickets to give away to Celia Pacquola and Luke Heggie.

Click on the Canberra Centre logo below to find out more.

Canberra Centre

Edwina Nelson: First Billion Years

Edwina Nelson is one of the four Canberra comedians doing the show First Billion Years as a part of the Canberra Comedy Festival.  She is pretty funny so we thought we would get Paddy Hornby from Comedy ACT to have a chat to her online to see what she could tell us about the show.

The full interview is available on the Canberra Comedy Festival website and you can access it by clicking on Eddy above.  But to get you a little interested, here is a short quote from her:

the kid is sitting here all CHina obsessed eating 2 minute noodles to be just a little closer to CHina and researching china and telling me all about Pinatas – but they are pronounced -ping-yah-tah in a chinese accent – did you know that?

Go to the interview now and learn CHinese with Eddy and her kids.

Akmal Youtube

Akmal Saleh’s show is on Wednesday 20 March.

Click on his picture above to see a hilarious clip of his comedy on Youtube.  This clip is taken from 2006 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala and shows Akmal working the funny side of his ethnicity.

When you’ve cleaned yourself up after laughing with Akmal on Youtube, get on the Canberra Comedy Festival website to book tickets to his show!  He promises it will be punctual and jam-packed with words… some of which he will be using for the first time!

First Billion Years

The First Billion Years is on Thursday 21 March.  Canberra comedians Nick Smith, Edwina Nelson, Chris Ryan and Ben Crispin have put together a show that is stand up and sketch comedy and everything in between.  It promises to hang by a thread to its title as it goes wildly off the rails.  Find out more about the show and book tickets by clicking on the photo above.

Also check out the link to an interview with Edwina Nelson in the adjacent column.

You can win a double pass to The First Billion Years by ‘liking’ the Canberra Comedy Festival on Facebook and/or following us on Twitter.  Once you are on board, post a status update or make a tweet that references the Canberra Comedy Festival.  Let us know you have done it on our page and we will give the tickets to the status update or tweet judged the most enthusiastic for the Comedy Festival.  Entries close Friday 15 February.

Festival Shows

Stephen K AmosTripod

AkmalCelia Pacquola

Luke HeggiePollygobble

Daniel ConnellStevenson Experience

First Billion YearsShiralee Hood

IrresponsibleCapital Punishment

SatyrosTell Me A Story

Opening Gala

Comedy ACT

You don’t have to wait until the Canberra Comedy Festival to get a few laughs under your belt.  Comedy is happening regularly in Canberra and our close friends at Comedy ACT can introduce you to it.  On their website you will find all the upcoming gigs.  Just click on their logo above.

On Wednesday 6 February the Civic Pub will play host to Dave O’Neil with his new show ’33 Things I Should Have Said No To’.  No doubt you would have seen Dave many time on tv programs like Spicks and Specks.  Now see him live!

On Friday 15 of February Ainslie Footy Club will have Damian Callinan.  Damian is also a tv regular having been on Spicks and Specks and the Skithouse.

Novotel Canberra

We are really excited to announce that Novotel Canberra has come on board as the Festival’s accommodation partner.  Make sure you look out for the next edition of The Festival Stuff where we will be announcing some great deals you can get by booking a room with them or dining at One Restaurant and Bar.  You need to eat and sleep so why not do it in style?  You’ll never go back to your own house and the people at reception will be like your family.  A better version where everyone dresses nice and smiles.  Who doesn’t want that?!




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