Marie Helou

Marie HelouPreviously from Canberra, Marie is a Sydney based comedian who has worked the comedy circuit for over six years. Marie says, “Be yourself. Don’t change for anyone, that is if you have found yourself, but if you haven’t keep looking because YOUR just around the corner”. Marie also says “Put your hands on your head.” But no one really listens!

Marie tells it as it is. Sick of being made fun of for her height she prefers the term “lowered” in a fully sik kind of way. She finds absolutely everything funny and helps you see it that way too! She has performed as a Toula side kick in the SBS Hit series Fat Pizza and can be seen doing some kick ass dance moves in Aussie hip hop artists Figg Kidd’s film clip, “My, oh my”.

Marie’s comedy is as varied as her life. Being a psychotherapist, Marie admits the stage is her own therapy for her own psycho-ness and uses her off stage skills to her advantage by offering free therapy to anyone who is offended by her material. With that kind of guarantee, you can’t go wrong!

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