Stand-up Comedy in Canberra

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Canberra Comedy Festival

Canberra Comedy Festival

Canberra’s own comedy festival is coming in 2013.

Daniel Connell

Daniel Connell

The website of comedian Daniel Connell. Daniel was based in Canberra until he moved to Melbourne in 2010 to pursue his comedy career. Daniel managed Comedy Club at Civic Pub and the Open Mic nights at The Front before he left town.

Dayne Rathbone

The website of comedian Dayne Rathbone. Dayne was based in Canberra until he moved away in 2010 to pursue his comedy career. Dayne won the Raw Comedy National Final in 2011.


Gagging For It

Australian comedy news, reviews and listings.

Comedy on the Rox

Comedy on the Rox

Great weekly comedy room run in Sydney.


Versed Productions

A big supporter of Comedy ACT, providing event production (light and sound) for the Civic Pub Comedy Club and Laughing Duck Tour, as well as designing and administering this website.

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