Hamish Hudson

Hamish Hudson“This guy will be the next Tim Minchin….”   –  Austen Tayshus

Hamish Hudson has been performing hilarious songs about nothing for the past few years everywhere from Melbourne Town Hall (Melbourne International Comedy Festival) to The Sydney Comedy Store (RAW Comedy) and even the  Boorowa Ex-Serviceman’s Club (don’t ask).  As half of Herbie and the Coleslaws Hamish won a number of premier comedy competitions including ‘St Kilda Just for Laughs’ and Canberra’s own ‘The Hot 5′.

Since going solo Hamish has become a much sought after corporate artist with audiences of all ages relating to his slightly bent views on everyday life.   If you’ve ever giggled quietly at a red head stubbing their toe or wondered what the difference between coke zero and diet coke is then Hamish will have a song or an anecdote for you.

Like a cross between Kevin Bloody Wilson and Jack Johnson his songs are catchy, poignant and sometimes a little bit blue.  So come along, leave your political correctness at the door and belt out something you’ve always wanted to say but haven’t been allowed to because the Greens say
it’s naughty.

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